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Nickerbocker's News

The Adventures Of Me

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Hey everybody!
My name is Nancy. I'm 31 years old. I'm a full time freelance writer. You can visit my portfolio at http://freelancewritingservices.net and I'm also write romance/erotic fiction under the name E. Jamie. I'm currently published with Amira Press. You can find out about my books by visiting my author website at http://www.ejamie.net I'd like to thank/blame my friend Becky for convincing me to start one of these up.
Hmmm, interests. Oh boy. That's a loaded topic. I'm into all kinds of music with the exception of techno. I love to read. I'll read anything except mysteries, not really into those. I'm more of a TV person but I'm getting more and more into movies. Favorites include: Australia, Pirates of The Carribean, Sleepers, Titanic, Unfaithful, the Horatio Hornblower films, it's a long list. Favorite actors include but are in no way limited to Jamie Bamber, James Scott, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Ioan Gruffudd, Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Jessica Lange, Kate Winslet, Leonardo Di Caprio and so very many more.